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Cool Planet Technologies has a major project with Holcim, the world largest cement company, at their Höver cement works, near Hannover.

Cool Planet Technologies is adopting a phased approach for scaling membrane technology at the Höver plant:

Phase 1

This Phase of Cool Planet Technologies’ carbon capture project at Höver was completed in May 2022 and generated useful data for further calibrating Phase 2a of the project. The test unit delivered an excellent separation rate with high CO2 purities. The unit also demonstrated its ability to start up and respond very quickly without any preliminary preparations.

Phase 2a

Following the successful completion of Phase 1, Phase 2a will be a major scaling up of the technology capturing 16,000 tonnes per year (tpa) of CO2. This Phase has been authorised and is scheduled to commence operation in late 2023.

Phases 2b and 3

It is planned for the 2a plant to be followed by 200,000 tpa and 1,000,000 tpa plants in early 2025 and late 2026 respectively.

Other Projects

Cool Planet Technologies is working with other partners to develop further projects in the pulp and paper industry, and for blast furnaces and smelters. The technology has the capability and flexibility to deliver high quality performance in these diverse and sometimes challenging operational environments.