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Carbon Dioxide Capture

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Holcim and Cool Planet Technologies to Develop Carbon Capture Plant in Germany.

As governments, scientists, environmental bodies and the public seek to control global warming, pressure is building on industry to reduce its environmental impact and specifically its Carbon Dioxide emissions. The challenge is to do this cost effectively with the minimum impact on competitiveness in a global market.

Cool Planet Technologies was founded to commercialise emerging technologies that can be employed to protect and enhance the environment. We are currently working on technologies for the capture of carbon dioxide and the employment of planet friendly sustainable energy.

Our expertise is the rapid assessment development and global deployment of technologies on an industrial scale.

About Us

Technology and Sustainability

Our aim is to identify, develop and deploy new technologies to provide industry with a range of options to reduce their environmentally damaging emissions. We aim to do this quickly, efficiently and in a commercially competitive way.

We think outside the box in our search for novel ways of using existing and emerging technologies and we are working with world class universities and research institutions to commercialise their discoveries and scientific developments.

We are working with established industries to capture their emissions using exciting new technologies and tailoring the technology to particular applications.

We are working with the cement industry to look at efficient and compact retrofit solutions to capture carbon emission. We are also working with power generators to reduce their carbon emissions from fossil fuels. While there is an increase in the reliance on renewable energy sources, the generation of energy from fossil fuels will continue to play a key role in the diversity of energy supply for years to come. Thus, we have a role in protecting the environment, the security of electricity supply and those employed in other industries.

Carbon Dioxide Capture

Efficient Carbon Capture Technology

We are currently working on the development of a capture process for the removal of carbon dioxide from industrial flue gas streams.  The technology has been developed by a world class renowned research institute after substantial research and development, representing a departure from the currently preferred technologies, reducing costs by a substantial factor and improving the ease of use, making it a low risk, cost effective technology.

In comparison with competing technologies, the process is compact, uses significantly less energy and can be installed and operated at a lower cost giving it a substantial commercial advantage.  It can be retrofitted to existing plants or installed as part of a new-build.

We have a license agreement for the use of the technology and are working with its developers to commercialise the technology, which has already been tested in a small pilot project.

We are in discussions with industry partners in the cement industry about upscaling the technology to a full scale plant capable of removing in excess of 500,000 tonnes per year of carbon dioxide from a flue gas stream.

We expect to have a full scale plant installed in the next 5 years and we are planning  a manufacturing facility to facilitate the rapid deployment of the technology to global industrial applications.

Carbon Dioxide Applications

Cool Planet Technologies are working with several research institutions across Europe to further develop and commercialise emerging technologies that utilise carbon dioxide.

These include, among other things, the production of biofuels for aircraft and heavy vehicles, the production in scale of high protein fish feed for use in commercial fish farms and the production of additives the will reduce the amount of cement required in any civil construction.

The Cool Planet Technologies team has in depth experience of oil and gas reservoirs which can be used to store carbon dioxide on a longterm basis, protecting the environment for generations.



Experienced Management Team

Bengt Carlstrom

Over 40 years of international experience in pipe technology, manufacturing and production, corporate management, infrastructure design, development and financing in more than 90 countries. Extensive experience developing multinational business’ includes Director of Business Development Technocan International Ltd, Canada; Founder/ CEO of Africa Water Management Company, South Africa; President for International Operations of Saudi Arabian Amiantit Management and COO of the Hobas Group in Austria and Switzerland. Holder of several patents for the manufacturing of centrifugal and continuous filament winding of GRP pipes.

Bengt Carlström

Frank Jackson

Over 20 years’ experience in the oil and gas sector where he has raised significant funds, taken companies to market and negotiated hydrocarbon asset transactions. Most recently, Frank was the Executive Commercial Director of Aurelian Oil and Gas which during his association with the company raised over C$100m. Frank has an MBA from the University of Cape Town and is a Fellow of Chartered Institute of Secretaries and Administrators.

Frank Jackson
(Finance Director)

Andrew Corner

Over 30 years’ experience with EOG Resources, RWE DEA, ATP Oil & Gas, MOSGAS and Conoco.  Project manager for over 20 years with significant experience in the development of SNS fields.  Founded Vision Oil & Gas, an outsourced project management company, which at its peak, had over $1 billion of projects under management and employed over 30 people. Founder of Volta Oil & Gas.  Andrew holds a BSc in Electronics from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST)

Andrew Corner
(Managing Director)

Simon Gorringe

Over 40 years’ experience in senior roles at BHP-Billiton, Conoco, NuEnergy, SOCO, Serica, and Kerr-McGee, leading several large offshore projects to production including FPSO’s, platforms, terminals and pipelines.  Technical Director of Corsair Petroleum, and CH+ Resources operating in Vietnam, South East Asia, East Africa, Kazakhstan and the Arctic.  Most recently was COO and then CEO of Andalas Energy and Power plc an AIM listed E&P focused on Indonesia and UK.  Simon is a graduate of Chemical Engineering from UMIST and a Chartered Engineer.

Simon Gorringe
(Technical Director)

Mark Purdy

25 years’ experience in strategy, business development, commercial and subsurface at Equinor, Scotia Waterous, IHS CERA and Arthur Andersen. Led numerous acquisition and divestment transactions worldwide including the restructuring of Equinor’s UK portfolio. Participating in over USD $10 billion of other transactions in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America. Managed gas commercialisation projects in Europe, Africa, the Caspian and Asia. Mark has an MSc. Petroleum Geology from Imperial College and is a Fellow of the Geological Society.

Mark Purdy
(Business Development Director)

Latest News

4 October 2021

Holcim and Cool Planet Technologies to Develop Carbon Capture Plant in Germany.

10 May 2022

Decarbonisation of Hover cement plant with new technology.

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